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zone plans

BS 5839-1: 2017 states it is essential that all buildings with a fire alarm system have an up to date, accurate zone plan

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Evacuation plans

Under current legislation is is the duty of 'the responsible person' to provide an evacuation plan for all the people in the building.

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A zone plan is a layout of the building, highlighting the areas of the fire detection zones. The main purpose of a zone plan is for the emergency services to accurately identify the location of a fire in the shortest time possible. In the event of a false alarm it can also help your fire service provider identify the detection area where the problem has occurred.

A zone plan is to be situated adjacent to the control panel. The plan should be clear, in the correct orientation with 'You are here' indicating your exact location.

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An evacuation plan is a document that includes information regarding fire safety and the outlined steps that detail the actions that should be taken by people within the building, in the event of a fire.


The plan must show;

  • Direct escape routes

  • Emergency exits

  • Call points for the fire alarm

  • Assembly meeting point

McConnell Fire and Security will attend your premises to create a floor layout plan and note where all the above are situated. Our plans are then created in house by the team. 

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